I’ve been eagerly waiting for spring.  I’ve watched as fields and hedgerows slowly turn green.  I’ve looked out for colourful bulbs working their way up from the ground.  I’ve sat outside as the sun has teased me with its warmth.  I’ve felt relief as the days have started to stretch out and happiness as the birds have begun their first joyful song.  I long for the fresh energy that spring brings; the new growth, colour and light, and the endless possibilities that come with a new start. Read More

Mini Mindfulness Teachers


“How do you make the sky, Mummy?”  It was a glimpse into the beautiful world that my four year old Little Niece D lives in.  It’s a world full of wonder, with little expectation and plenty of interest.  Two year old Little Niece P sings herself to sleep.  “Wind the bobbin up.  Pull, pull, clap, clap, clap.  Hooray!”  She’s not being pulled into the past, ruminating about her day, or pushed into the future, worrying about tomorrow.  At 8.30 every morning, I hear two young boys whoop with delight as they scoot down the hill to school.  Their joy is infectious.  It reminds me to start each new day with a smile. Read More

A Granddaughter’s Love

First Christmas with Granny

Last week I said goodbye to my lovely Granny.  She was 92, the wise owl of the family and a constant figure in my life.  She looked after me as a small child, watching me take my first steps.  She saw me through school, through college and into my career.  She shared in the triumph of my music and the heartache of my illness.  She gave me a steady supply of umbrellas, delighted in buying me warm coats and insisted on giving me ‘pocket money’ even in my thirties.  I didn’t dare comment that something looked nice in a shop.  If I did, she’d be determined to buy it in an embarrassing display of generosity.  “Rather,” she’d say, with elongated vowels. Read More

Kiss My Asana – Week 4

Kiss My Asana

It’s the final week of my Yogathon. It’s been such a wonderful month. I’ve deepened my practice whilst raising awareness and funds for a very special organisation, Mind Body Solutions. Hopefully, I’ve inspired a few yogis along the way too.  The main thing I’ve taken away for myself is a fantastic reminder of how empowering flexibility can be.  I don’t mean the flexibility of being able to bend into an advanced asana, though of course that can feel fantastic, but the flexibility of approach.  Keeping an open mind, exploring what’s possible and being creative in making that happen is the key to so many doors. Read More