10 Health Benefits of Journaling

10 Health Benefits of Journaling Image


I recently wrote about how keeping a journal formed my pathway to writing and how regular journaling helps me in so many ways (you can read that post here).  Below are ten health benefits of journaling that I have personally experienced.  If it inspires you to pick up a pen, look out for next week’s post ‘10 Ways to Start a Journal‘.Read More

Reflections on 1000 Views


I launched this blog on New Year’s Eve.  The days were short and spring felt far away.  Nearly four months have since passed.  The bluebells are gently opening their flowers in my garden and my resident Song Thrush is in fine voice.  Last weekend saw a landmark for my blog as it reached 1000 views.  I feel delighted, proud and humbled by this.  It’s encouraged a welcome pause for reflection. Read More

FND Awareness Day 2016 – ‘Notes on Being Me’


FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) Awareness Day was this week.  Raising the profile of the disorder is so important.  It took fifteen years for me to receive a correct diagnosis and specialist treatment to help me self-manage my condition.  That was half my lifetime and far too long.  Even so, I consider myself fortunate; I have a diagnosis and I have access to a world-class team of medical experts. Read More

We All have a Story to Tell


“My brother and sister had a flannel fight.  I opened the door and got a wet flannel in my face.”  My first attempt to keep a diary began when I was seven.  I had a five year Flower Fairy diary.  I felt so grown up having a tiny gold key to lock away my secrets.  By thirteen, my secret diary included pictures of the pop group Boyzone.  I’d also started listing goals, noting achievements and writing about difficult feelings; worrying about school or sadness that a beloved pet had died.  I began each year with the intention to write in my diary every day.  That rarely happened, but my diaries still give a wonderful snapshot of my childhood.Read More

A Tickle of Whiskers and a Nudge of a Paw


Bertie and Bella, my feline protectors and constant companions.  They came to live with me as tiny kittens five years ago, eager to venture into my small London courtyard garden.  They immediately provided endless entertainment, leaving a trail of toy mice and little footballs of tin foil.  They’ve stayed with me ever since, through ups and downs and new gardens to explore, sharing the pure unconditional love animals give so freely. Read More