A Handmade Gift

Consciously Connected Daisy Blanket

Little Niece D was five yesterday.  Five years since I saw my baby niece and Goddaughter come into the world.  Five years since I first held her in my arms before her Mummy had the strength to.  Five years since I bought her first dolly.  I instantly fell in love with that baby girl, her dark eyes looking about her and her little lips searching for milk.  That love has grown with each day and year I’ve been blessed to have such a special little person in my life. Consciously Connected A Handmade Gift 1I’ve always loved making presents for people.  The first Christmas after my FND was diagnosed, I handmade each and every gift I gave.  It gave me a sense of purpose and a much needed focus, as I crocheted hats and scarves, bound leather journals, painted pictures and sewed bags and cushions.

Little Niece D has always been particularly appreciative of my handmade presents, indulging her Auntie’s creativity.  I’ve made her a personalised cushion, toy bag and bunting, toy bunnies, a re-upholstered and painted chair, even a swimming teddy to encourage her when she nervously started lessons.  Her dollies are well kitted out with handmade clothes, a wardrobe, changing bag, bedding and blankets, and now a school uniform to match her own.  When she was two and wanted her first scarf, she told everyone, “Aura will make it for me.”  I did.  And a hat to match, out of the softest, snuggliest pink yarn I could find. Consciously Connected A Handmade Gift 2For her fifth birthday, I made Little Niece D this blanket (and the obligatory matching dolly blanket, of course).  It’s been visualised in my head for such a long time, watching it come to fruition has been a joy.  A little bit of love has gone into every stitch and I often thought about her as I made it, curling up in it’s cosiness, picking out her favourite shade of pink and arranging it carefully in her pretty bedroom, just as I would do.Consciously Connected A Handmade Gift 3

I won’t be writing a blog post next week as I am going into hospital for a week of intensive neuro-physio. I’ll be taking my journal and I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about when I’m back home!

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