A Week of Self-Care – Day 5 – Nature

My home features on my ‘treasure of pleasure’ list most days and I feel particularly grateful to have my garden. Private and secluded by a mini woodland, it is my peaceful oasis. With labyrinthitis, I didn’t go beyond my garden gate for over three weeks, but I was able to sit outside in my wheelchair, listening to the birds, feeling the breeze and breathing in the fresh air. Even during my days in bed, I found myself gazing through my large bedroom window, getting lost in the soothing greenery and being entertained by plenty of visiting wildlife.

Connecting with nature is beneficial both physiologically and psychologically. Even if it is only looking through a window or having a plant in your room, it is known to have a positive effect. I find it incredibly grounding and it helps me feel part of a larger whole. It is a living, breathing meditation and I try to experience it in some way every day, often with the help of Bertie and Bella, who of course rarely leave my side when I am unwell.


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