A Week of Self-Care – Day 7 – Community

I’m pretty good in my own company. I need plenty of time alone doing quiet, reflective activities and this has been a key part of my self-care as I have been recovering from illness over the last few weeks, gently gathering my strength and energy in the peaceful surroundings of my home. I recognise the importance of this for me, but I also think it’s vital to feel part of my community. We all need a sense of belonging, of sharing and of company.

This can be a real challenge for me when I become housebound for lengthy periods of time, but as I’ve been writing these self-care posts this week, it’s become clear to me that I manage to maintain elements of each practice even when I’m very unwell. Being part of a community can be just as flexible. Over the last few weeks I’ve had carers, family and neighbours popping in, even the doctor and chemist, as my community has come to me. I’ve been able to embrace social media at its best, being part of inspiring and uplifting online crafting, meditation and local groups, and enjoying the growing community this blog is creating.

During the last couple of days, as I have begun to feel the benefits of all my self-care practices, I have been able to go beyond my garden gate and once again feel fully part of the beautiful community I live in. I viewed a stunning exhibition at my local church, Thaxted’s People, by Andy Griffin. As I looked at the beautiful portraits, each with their own story to tell, I was reminded that I too have a place here.

That brings me to the end of my mini series on self-care. I have enjoyed sharing each practice with you and I truly hope it inspires you to give yourself the care you need. Part of my self-care routine is to have regular breaks from my blog writing, so I will be back with a new post in a couple of weeks.


‘Christmas Connections’ – how the powerful loving kindness (connection) meditation helps me embrace all humanity and feel part of my community even when I am physically isolated.






Thaxted Online is a new Facebook page that shares all that is so special about Thaxted, including some beautiful photos, old and new. My thanks for their kind permission to use their image for today’s post.





A short film capturing the stunning exhibition, Thaxted’s People, by Andy Griffin.

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