The Little Moments

I’m sitting on my porch in the late afternoon sun. My chair rocks back and forth as Bertie tickles my toes with his whiskers and soft fur. The colours around me have been unveiled from days of misty rain; vibrant pinks, firey oranges, soft purples. Bees are hard at work, buzzing industriously from flower to flower. Swifts are soaring in amongst puffs of clouds, shrieking as if letting out a cry of exhilaration. Sounds of laughter and play reach me from the nearby park.Read More

Crochet Therapy


I’m sitting on the bed.  I’m holding a ball of yellow  wool.  It’s soft, bright.  A crochet hook is gently cradled in my right hand.  “Yarn over hook and pull through a loop,” says my roommate sitting next to me, wool and hook in hand too.  I watch as the string of yarn turns into neat little chain stitches.  I forget where I am.  I forget I’m in hospital.Read More

10 Ways to Start a Journal

10 Ways to Start a Journal Image


If last week’s post ‘10 Health Benefits of Journaling‘ inspired you to pick up your pen, here are some different ideas to get you started. There really is a journaling style for everyone, whether you want to simply jot down a few points or devote a whole book to a specific area of your life.  I’ve started a new Pinterest board on journaling here.  It’s full of how-to guides and images to spark inspiration.Read More