Consciously Connected Autumn Harvest Mouse

The air has turned chilly.  Golden leaves are starting to flutter down.  Autumn is here.  I wrote in Spring about how I like to reflect the seasons in my life.  It helps me embrace change whilst feeling grounded in my environment.  Spring is a time of hope and fresh starts, but autumn is a time of settling down and letting go. Read More

The Joy and Heartache of Impermanence


I’m looking into my front garden.  The lawn and hedges are fresh and green.  Tall, delicate stems of verbena wave across my window.  Lavender is starting to release its aromatic scent.  There are roses in tight bud, others already opening to reveal layers of vibrant petals.  The beautiful colours capture my attention.  I feel happy and content as I take it all in.  But there’s something else; a weight of sadness and a sense of loss.  I know this moment won’t last.  Like everything else, it will pass.Read More

A Time for Change

‘The Book of Life’ by David Kracov

I love the sense of a fresh start and feeling of a new beginning that January brings, but I’m not sure about New Year’s resolutions.  Don’t get me wrong, I think setting yourself a challenge and changing an aspect of your life for the better is fantastic.  I do wonder though how many people set an unrealistic resolution in January, only to have given up and forgotten about it by February, perhaps trundling through the rest of the year feeling slightly disillusioned, until repeating the cycle when feeling the excess of Christmas and the wake-up call of January 1st?  Probably quite a few.  A gradual, consistent approach to making changes can be more lasting.  It’s also a wonderful way of staying in touch with your lifestyle, your values and your dreams. Read More