The Chocolate Meditation

I once found myself sitting in a hospital patient group with a raisin in my hand. What did it feel like? What did it look like? What did it smell like? What did it taste like? At this point, there were murmurs of distaste going around the room as most of the group, myself included, didn’t like raisins.

The raisin exercise was my introduction to mindfulness. I may not have particularly enjoyed the taste, but I did notice the sweet earthy scent and the wrinkled grooves sitting on my tongue for the first time. That one little raisin was bursting with flavour. It proved a point; when you deliberately pay close attention to something, using all of your senses, whilst not being clouded by the past or the future (or the judgement, ‘I don’t like raisins!’), your immediate experience can change in powerful and unexpected ways.Read More



I’ve been eagerly waiting for spring.  I’ve watched as fields and hedgerows slowly turn green.  I’ve looked out for colourful bulbs working their way up from the ground.  I’ve sat outside as the sun has teased me with its warmth.  I’ve felt relief as the days have started to stretch out and happiness as the birds have begun their first joyful song.  I long for the fresh energy that spring brings; the new growth, colour and light, and the endless possibilities that come with a new start. Read More