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The air has turned chilly.  Golden leaves are starting to flutter down.  Autumn is here.  I wrote in Spring about how I like to reflect the seasons in my life.  It helps me embrace change whilst feeling grounded in my environment.  Spring is a time of hope and fresh starts, but autumn is a time of settling down and letting go. 

Earlier this month, on the first cool day of autumn, I noticed my resistance.  My entire being seemed to be longing for the warm days of summer that had passed, and pushing away the cold and dark of winter that was to come.  It was understandable.  But change was inevitable and I knew I would feel more comfortable going with, rather than against it.  It was time to let go and experience what was right in front of me.


There’s a sadness to even the most beautiful of autumnal days.  There is also an abundance of sensory delights and a wonderful opportunity to practise mindfulness.  Rich, warm and firey colours.  Low level sun casting a different quality of light, reflections and shadows.  Shiny brown conkers in prickly green cases.  Dry leaves crunching underfoot.  Fruits and vegetables to stew and roast.  Bonfires crackling.  The smell of damp earth.  A chilly nip against your skin.

A tiny crochet field mouse and autumnal leaves on my front door welcome autumn into my home.  I’ve been eating hearty soups and drinking spicy hot drinks.  The smell of apples stewing has brought comforting memories of childhood.  Cold, dark evenings have been warmed with candles, fluffy socks and curling up in a cosy blanket.  It feels good to let go and embrace change.

Autumn - Embrace Change

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  1. This is lovely and would cheer up anyone who is less than pleased about the change of seasons. Love the leaf roundel and the little crocheted mouse and autumn leaf. Well done!

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