I’ve been eagerly waiting for spring.  I’ve watched as fields and hedgerows slowly turn green.  I’ve looked out for colourful bulbs working their way up from the ground.  I’ve sat outside as the sun has teased me with its warmth.  I’ve felt relief as the days have started to stretch out and happiness as the birds have begun their first joyful song.  I long for the fresh energy that spring brings; the new growth, colour and light, and the endless possibilities that come with a new start. 

Spring bulbs

I like to reflect the seasons in what I do, what I eat, how I pace my day and how I decorate my home.   Embracing what each season has to offer brings balance to my life and helps me feel truly grounded.  It reminds me that life is constantly changing and evolving.  It alerts me to the importance of noticing and appreciating what is right before me.  A few years ago I missed a whole summer through illness and hospital admission.  I didn’t just feel disappointed to miss such an uplifting season; I felt completely disorientated.  Someone may as well have ripped out a chunk of my diary and shoved me forward a few months.  After that experience I made a conscious effort to connect with each season.  Even little gestures, a new plant in my home or a seasonal tea to drink, make a difference.  They give me a firm map of time when weeks and months can blur through illness, a comforting connection to the earth and a welcome rhythm to my life.

Easter Tree

Spring is a joyful season to reflect.  What could be simpler than bringing a vase of cheery bright daffodils into your home?  They’re such happy flowers, each time I see one I can’t help but smile.  Spring is a time for a fresh start, one that feels far more organic to me than the New Year.  It’s a natural time to re-evaluate goals and dreams.  It’s a time to open doors and windows to blow away the cobwebs.  It’s a time to spring clean our homes, bodies, minds and lives.  Easter is the culmination of spring for me.  Making an Easter tree by decorating twigs with tiny eggs reminds me to hope.  Anything is possible as I breathe in the fresh spring air.

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